Plants require nutrients in order to grow, develop and complete their life cycle. The supply of nutrients to plants should be balanced in order achieve maximum efficiency and so that these nutrients meet the needs of any particular plant and soil type.
Although a plant receives a natural supply of these nutrients from organic matter and soil minerals, this is not sufficient to satisfy the plant’s demands. The supply of nutrients must therefore be supplemented with fertilizers to meet the plant’s requirements during growth and to replenish soil reserves when the plant has been harvested.
There are two types of nutrients: Primary and Secondary. The primary or macro nutrients are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). These major nutrients are found in the soil but they are usually lacking, mainly because plants use large amount of these nutrients for their growth and survival. 
On the other hand, the secondary or micro nutrients are commonly known as Sulphur (S), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg). Other secondary nutrients which are essential for plant growth are Iron (Fe), Boron (Bo), Copper (Cu), Chloride (Cl), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo) and Cobalt (Co). Similar to primary nutrients, they are usually limited in the soil. Therefore, fertilization is needed from time to time to compensate for nutrient deficiency. 
Having been a key player for over 40 years in the Agricultural industry of Mauritius, MCFI has now acquired the expertise to develop a comprehensive range of fertilizers to meet the needs of local and international customers. MCFI also has the ability to formulate tailor-made recipes on demand. Here is a list of products that have contributed to the success the company over the years.
Product Range Product Type Application


Azophoska (13-13-20-2 + Micro) Granular Azophoska is an all-purpose granular fertilizer specially formulated for boosting up and sustaining plant growth, and enhancing flowering and fruiting.
Triple Super Start (8-15-8 + Organic) Granular Triple Super Start  granular fertilizer is a complete plant feed containing all the required nutritional elements a plant requires for root growth and initial development
Green Master (18-0-0 + Micro) Granular Green Master Start is a granular fertilizer that provides a plant with the nutritional requirement for early growth and development of foliage. 
SuperGro (12-8-15 + Growth promoters) Granular

Supergro is a special formulation of granular fertilizer containing well-balanced nutrients to initiate flowering of plants, to increase yield and enhance the quality of flowers and fruits. Supergro is also suitable for the blooming of lawn and turf.


Agrifeed 10-10-27+M (P)

Agrifeed 11-33-18+M (P)

Agrifeed 15-15-15+M (P)

Agrifeed 20-8-24+M (P)

Agrifeed 5-20-30+M (P)

Powder AGRIFEED is a range of powder fertilizers that contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) in varying ratios as well as micronutrients carefully selected to meet the nutritive requirements of numerous crops at their different developmental stages.  Furthermore, AGRIFEED can also be used in fertigation (fert-irrigation) and foliar feeding of plants to increase yields and improve yield quality. Recommended Crops: Ornamental plants such as Roses, Orchids, Anthurium, gerbera etc… Vegetables such as Tomatoes, Carrots, Chilis, Potatoes, Lettuces etc…
Calcium Nitrate Prills  

Magnesium Sulphate

Potassium Sulphate

Monopotassium phosphate (MKP)

Potassium Nitrate

MAP Pure

Oligo mix

Iron Chelate

Powder STRAIGHT FERTILISERS are recommended for use in fertigation (fert-irrigation), with soilless culture and hydroponics to provide optimum consumption of nutrients by plants. 


Alga 300 15-4-5

Alga 300 5-15-4

Alga 300 5-4-15

Alga 300 8-8-8

Vegeflor 4-4-8 + M

Vegeflor 8-6-6 + M

Vegeflor 6-5-9 + M

Vegeflor 9-3-3 + M

Vegeflor 11-7-7 + M

Liquid This range of fertilizers is available in liquid form and is recommended for use in households and nurseries with potted plants, flowers such as Roses, Orchids, Anthurium, Gerbera etc…, as well as other decorative plants and vegetables.


Technical Support

Our technical team remains at your disposal for assistance in determining the most effective and economical fertilizer application or usage for your particular requirements and conditions. Subsequently, feel free to contact us for more Information about our products by mailing us on customerservice@mcfi.intnet.mu and by phoning us +230 216 3965