Our People

At MCFI, we believe that our future depends on nurturing talent and providing an environment where people can flourish professionally and personally. Although we share a common set of values across the business, each individual brings their own set of experiences, aspirations and skills through our diverse workforce. Explore this section to meet some of the people behind our success.
Discover what some of our people have to say about working here and learn how they have sought, found and grasped opportunities at MCFI.


Azad Ramjan

Chief Foreman

"I have been working at MCFI for 40 years now. I stared as helper and over the years I worked my way up to be promoted as Chief Foreman in May 2014. It has been a rewarding experience so far. Work has always been hard, we've had ups and downs in the past, but despite this, the factory has always been able to run properly. There were days when I had to work until midnight, especially during the cane harvest season, but I worked with a feeling of having well done my job. Over time, I have seen many changes in the company. The management team has changed, the factory has been modernized, and the Health & Safety management of the workplace has been improved. In the Bagging section, we have a lot of work, but, I always manage to get the job done correctly with my team and this is my pride."

Letty Ramalinga

Purchasing Officer

"I have been working at MCFI for seven years (since 2006), and at the purchasing department where I am currently posted since 2010, team Spirit is important. We often share private little stories among us and every first Friday of the month, we make it a point to have lunch together. This is an opportunity to laugh, to listen to each other, and so, we get to know each other better. My job requires a lot of concentration and discipline because I need to be constantly at the service of my colleagues from other departments. Since my appointment at MCFI, I noticed many positive changes. However, things are on the move at MCFI. Lately, the focus has been on communication and service, and I think we have made some progress in this field."

Shalini Palen

Operations Coordinator

"Since my appointment at MCFI, I have experienced a motivating working environment where I am never bored. I am responsible for coordinating the various activities of the Operations Department. I also ensure the follow up of clients from of sugar estates and large planters. Everything must be done carefully, from order to delivery, because the customer is king. Although work is not easy every day, my job remains part of teamwork where all decisions are taken collectively. There is always a lot to learn because sales is not simply selling products, but it is also about ensuring that the customer is satisfied and in that respect, I am still learning from my mistakes and trying to improve myself. I think we should always go the extra mile with no disregard to team spirit because after all, it is the team that makes the department!"

Shylesh Ramdeen

Sales Executive

"I am part of the sales department since November 2011. There is always a friendly atmosphere there, despite the fact that during peak periods, we face a lot of pressure. My job is to manage customer requirements, meet agreed deadlines while ensuring the quality of the products we deliver. At MCFI, we do more than just sell; we also provide technical assistance and support to farmers with advice on fertilizer application. The sales team operates with the ultimate only goal of satisfying our customers and improving our products. It is a real challenge because with trade liberalization in Mauritius, we are no longer the sole distributor of the chemical fertilizer on the market. Increasing competition compels us to come closer to our customers, to be constantly aware of their demands and to 'wow' them. We must be trustworthy. To be trustworthy in this business, we need to stand out of the crowd while still being honest with our customers."