Management Team

Beas Cheekhooree

Managing Director

Beas Cheekhooree holds a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from North East London Polytechnic, United Kingdom. He occupied various senior management positions in the textile industry locally and in India before joining the Harel Mallac Group in 2013 as Managing Director of Harel Mallac Export Ltd. He was appointed Managing Director of Harel Mallac Export Ltd and General Manager of The Mauritius Chemical & Fertilizer Industry Limited, Bychemex Limited, Chemco Limited and Coolkote Enterprises Ltd in October 2013.

Christna Hosanee

Group Accountant

Christna Hosanee started his career at MCFI in 1978. He was involved in the setting up of the IT Department in the mid-1980s and has held various positions across the organisation, amongst which as IT Supervisor and later as the Accountant of the sister companies, Chemco Limited and Bychemex Limited. He is a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Christian Ah Kine

Finance Director

Christian Ah Kine is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and holder of a BSc (Hons) Management Science from the University of Ottawa. He joined Harel Mallac in 2005 as Financial Controller of Harel Mallac Bureautique Ltd and was appointed Group Financial Controller in February 2007. He is now in charge of the Finance Department of all the business units within the Chemical Arm including The MCFI Group.

Eric de Maroussem

Sales Manager

Eric de Maroussem holds a B.Com degree from the University of Pietermaritzburg (South Africa). He joined Archemics in 2007 as Sales Manager for the Adhesives Departments, before moving to MCFI in the position of Sales Manager for the Corporate Sector of the Sugar Industry. Eric also managed regional sales (La Réunion and Madagascar).

François Dupont

Production Manager

Holder of a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Natal Technikon (South Africa), François Dupont started his career in the sugar industry (Union Saint Aubin factory). After holding the positions of Production Supervisor at Shell Mauritius (LPG Gas Plant) and Production Manager at Phoenix Bev, Francois joined MCFI in 2012 as Production Manager.